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Director discusses issues of mental illness, rape, and access to health care in prison

Director, Gabriel LondonThe need for prison reform is extreme, particularly concerning issues involving mental illness. Gabriel London, director of the documentary ‘The Mind of Mark DeFriest,’ recently met with the Huffington Post to discuss this subject. London created the documentary to tell…
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UN urges increased hiring of people on the autism spectrum

Employment Unemployment sign
UN Call for Employment of People on Autism Spectrum
In commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day, on April 2, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on employers to hire more people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. “This year’s World Autism Awareness…
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The consequences of saying ‘special’ but meaning ‘separate’

Three teenagers in prom clothes smiling broadlyWorldwide, children with disabilities often face exclusion and barriers in everyday life. Schools sometimes create various programs for students with ‘special’ needs, and community events sometimes offer a separate entrance or an alternative experience for children and people with disabilities.…
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Lawsuit: MI prison system discriminates against the deaf and hard of hearing

Grey sky looms over prison barbed wire and watchtowers
MI Prisons Facing Discrimination Lawsuit
A new class-action lawsuit, filed in federal court March 31, accuses the state of Michigan of systematically violating multiple federal laws in its treatment of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. “The…
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Supreme Court hears arguments in ADA, police case

Supreme Court Hears Police, ADA Case
Supreme Court Hears Police, ADA Case
The Supreme Court heard testimony March 23 in a case that could redefine the role of the Americans with Disabilities Act in police encounters. The case, which the Supreme Court agreed to hear in
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