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Congress passes renewed Autism Act

The word AUTISM spelled out over blank puzzle pieces.
Autism CARES Act signed into law
Just in time for the August recess, the Senate unanimously passed the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act (Autism CARES), the nation’s primary legislation for autism research. President Obama signed the bill…
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Words that hurt: Person v. object

photo of Alex Stoffel smiling
Alex Stoffel
The other day I was rolling in my wheelchair to work and passed by a summer camp group of kids running along the sidewalk. The camp counselor, a young woman in her 20s, frantically rushed behind them. As
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Lawsuit targets NYC sidewalks

Statue of Liberty and New York City Skyline
New York
New York City is violating federal and city disability laws by failing to evaluate and maintain its sidewalks south of 14th Street in Manhattan, according to a recent class-action lawsuit filed in federal district court. “The area below…
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NDRN announces Wages and Hour Complaint Initiative

National Disability Rights Network Logo
National Disability Rights Network
The National Disability Rights Network last month launched a new initiative, encouraging its members to file complaints with the Department of Labor, or applicable state agencies, to enforce federal labor laws in so-called “sheltered workshops.” The…
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Words that hurt: “Lame”

blocks spell the words "Words have power"
According to Merriam-Webster, “lame” is an adjective that means “having an injured leg or foot that makes walking difficult or painful; not strong, good, or effective; not smart or impressive.” Originally the word lame was used to describe people
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