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Stepping away from normality to be extraordinary

FaithWhen Faith Jegede speaks of her younger brothers, she describes their personalities, their gifts, and that which she loves about them. Yet when others describe the two boys, often emphasized is the idea that they are ‘not normal’, as if…
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National Council on Disability report highlights seven areas for improvement

Equal Opportunity Graphic 1
Recommendations for Inclusive Society
The National Council on Disability released its annual progress report late last month, identifying a series of recommendations for improving the nation’s efforts to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities. The 128-page report…
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ACLU files disability discrimination claim on behalf of medical marijuana patient

Marijuana leaf and stethoscope
ACLU Sues for Employment Discrimination
Christine Callaghan, a University of Rhode Island graduate student, has lawfully participated in the state’s medical marijuana system since February 2013, in order to treat her migraines. Last June, she scheduled an interview for a…
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CCD urges support for EEOC nominees

Green letters C C D, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
CCD Weighs In On EEOC Nominees
The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, the nation’s largest coalition of disability advocacy groups, has called for swift approval of two recent nominations by President Obama regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. David…
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What effect has the ADA had on your life?

This is a blue figure in the shape of a human holding a red and white megaphone.
Share Your Perspective
The Public Insight Network of American Public Media wants to know what it is like to live with a disability 25 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed? Here is the message from the Public…
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